Concert Programs


Seven new concert programs, customizable to meet the needs of your distinct audience:

1. Virtuoso Mariachi (s, r, o)* An inspiring display of mariachi virtuosity, featuring some of the most passionate and challenging music ever performed by a mariachi. Guest vocalist: acclaimed soprano Florencia Tinoco Barone

2. Fiesta Mexicana (m, r, o)* A program of energetic and festive mariachi music featuring beloved favorites such as "The Mexican Hat Dance", "Cucurrucucœ Paloma" and "Spanish Eyes". Experience the passion of Mexico! Guest vocalist also available.

3. Romances Mundiales (m, r, o)* Featuring acclaimed Mexican lyric coloratura soprano Florencia Tinoco Barone, performing some of the most beautiful and romantic melodies ever composed from around the world, including "Ave Maria", "You Are My Heart's Delight", and "Granada".

4. Concerto for Mariachi and Orchestra "Pasión Mexicana" (m, o)* Composed by world-renown mariachi José L. Hernández and Jeff Nevin, Ph.D., this is the world's first and only true concerto for mariachi and orchestra, designed to introduce the world to the pinnacle of mariachi performance and composition.

5. Mariachi: 500 years of passion and innovation (m, r)* A musical journey exploring the colorful and dramatic 500-year history of mariachi music.

6. La Noche Buena (s, r, o)* "The Good Night" which is Christmas Eve in Mexico, features holiday favorites from north and south of the border. Guest vocalist: acclaimed soprano Florencia Tinoco Barone

7. Adoración y Celebración (s, r)* Music of Praise and Celebration from Mexico and around the world, including the Mariachi Mass and SchubertÕs "Ave Maria". Guest vocalist: acclaimed soprano Florencia Tinoco Barone



*s Featuring Symphonic Mariachi Champaña Nevín (14-16 musicians)
*m Featuring Mariachi Champaña Nevín, (10-12 musicians)
*r The mariachi performs alone on stage "in recital"
*o The mariachi performs as soloists with symphony orchestra



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