Concerto for Mariachi and Orchestra
"Pasión Mexicana"


The world's first and only full-length concerto for mariachi and orchestra, composed 1997-98 by world-renown mariachi José L. Hernández and Jeff Nevin, Ph.D., this piece is destined to delight and thrill orchestral audiences around the globe. Designed to introduce the world to the pinnacle of mariachi performers and composition, this groundbreaking piece of music is best suited for orchestral "classics" concerts as opposed to most "pops" concerts. The La Jolla Symphony and Chorus Association and the Mariachi Heritage Society commissioned the Concerto in 1997, and in numerous performances since then it has never failed to receive applause between movements and a standing ovation at the end, even from the most conservative audiences! This piece has truly won Jeff Nevin and Mariachi Champaña Nevín the artistic respect of countless classical music connoisseurs and musicians alike.

Note: with top professional orchestras and/or ample rehearsal time this Concerto (or portions of it) may be performed on orchestral "pops" concerts but the difficulty of the orchestral parts usually mandates at least 4 hours of rehearsal with most professional orchestras to perform the entire work. Please contact us do discuss programming details such as this.

Featuring Mariachi Champaña Nevín with symphony orchestra only.

Duration: ca. 23 minutes

Instrumentation: 2-2-2-2 4-2-3-1 4 perc., timp., strings


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