"Mexican Passion"

Text by Jose L. Hernandez

Translation Jeff Nevin


I. Introduction

From the land, from the people, from the sky,

from the night, from the moon, and from the sun come I!

I am the voice of my homeland, of my ancestors, of your soul;

I am the ancient voice, I carry with me the history of Mexico

and I bring it,

from first light I bring it into the future, and until the end of life!

I am Mariachi, I am Mariachi, I am the voice of Mexico!


Fiesta de Sones

Ay ay ay ay!

These "tasteful" sones are the sones that nourish this poor heart!

Ay ay ay ay!

It is the traditional son that is played with the soul and purely naturally!

Ay ay ay ay!

When I sing my songs I always end up with sones from my regional homeland!



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