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Jeff Nevin has been the Artistic Director of the Mariachi Scholarship Foundation (MSF) and has directed their "Mariachi in the Schools Conference" every year since 1998. With instructors Mariachi Champaña Nevín (1998, 1999, 2000, 2001), Mariachi Sol de Mexico (in 1998 only) and Mariachi Las Campanas de America (1997 only) , this conference has reached more than 1000 students and helped to promote mariachi music in the San Diego area.

Presently there exist mariachi programs at several high schools and middle schools in South Bay schools (southern San Diego) with more beginning every year, and as well there is a strong program at Southwestern College -- all supported ty the MSF. The MSF raises money to offer an annual educational conference and award college scholarships to students graduating from their programs who then pursue their college degree.

Jeff Nevin directs the Southwestern College mariachi program, and is in the process of designing the world's first Associate's Degree in mariachi music. Students graduating with this degree will be highly trained and educated mariachi musicians and could either pursue a higher degree in music performance, ethnomusicology, or music eduation or become professional mariachi musicians.

Mariachi is becomming more and more respected as a music worthy of being studied in academic institutions, and thousands of students are benefiting from doing so -- most notably in San Antonio and many other areas of Texas; Tucson, Arizona; Los Angeles; and other isolated areas accross the US. Many educational conferences have arisen that are also promoting mariachi music in this way. Visit our links page to explore mariachi conferences and education further.


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