Mariachi Links


I have no interest in obtaining and maintaining a large collection of mariachi links, so instead I have provided a short list of some of the larger and more established mariachi sites on the web. In them you will find much more comprehensive collections of links, and I expect all of these sites to exist for some time.


Puro Mariachi -- the largest collection of mariachi links I have found, fairly comprehensive. -- has a large collection of lyrics to mariachi songs and other good information.

Mariachi Education Resources -- a good source, includes the Mariachi Publishing Company.

Mariachi Connection -- a store in San Antonio that sells a lot of mariachi materials, including music, trajes and instruments.

Definitive article on mariachi history by Jonathan Clark -- ask Dr. Mariachi anything you would like to know about mariachi music

Viva El Mariachi -- lots of great info


Mentioned in Virtuoso Mariachi:

Mariachi Sol de México

Mariachi Cobre

Los Changuitos Feos -- my first mariachi!


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