Virtuoso Mariachi


Quotes from the book...


1) "The tradition of the modern mariachi, ever since the acceptance of the trumpet, has truly been a tradition of innovation."

2) "To a mariachi, once a musician plays all of the notes in a song, he has only played half of the music. Style and musicality are truly just as important as notes, and so these are taught in conjunction with, at the same time as the notes -- and this is what I believe perpetuates the style. When one learns from listening, the way that something is played seems just as important as the notes."

3) "A master technician with the heart and sensibility of a folk musician well entrenched within his or her body and soul... is poised to produce an extraordinary music."

4) " is precisely this forward-looking, progressive, even avant-garde aesthetic of mariachis from the late 1930's to today that is in fact responsible for the creation of an new art music and the growth of a folk music..."

5) "...the more specific music notation is, the more difficult it is for literate players to stray from the music they are reading..."

6) "...the first mariachis did not read their music, they felt it."







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